Getting started on the plot

So getting started couldn’t be easier, I carry out a method called “No dig” which literally means i do not dig at all.

So i’ve been given my plot which is 48 ft by 14 ft, its a little overgrown but nothing to bad, a number of perennial weeds is my only real concern, dock leaves and dandelions to name a couple, so my first job is to remove all the rubbish and start taking out the perenial weeds roots and all, once I’m happy i have them all out i can start to level any bits that are hugely different. All easy so far.

Next i get the wood ready as I’m going to be using raised beds, a trip to Wickes has got that job sorted, i’ve chosen some tanilised wood 6 inch deep and 8 ft long to build the beds with, i then cut some old pieces of wood for the corners and posts and screw them all together.

I then place the made beds straight on top of the grass and dirt, once I’m happy with how they look i can start to fill with composted manure, atlas 6 inches deep, to help with the mulch process, this may sound crazy but trust me it works and your weeding will be minimal, I think you have to try this method to see how good it is.

As soon as the manure is in the beds and I’m happy its deep enough i can plant straight in to the composted manure, so I’m growing already.

I carry on and get all the beds made and in place and then fill as and when i can get the manure, the biggest issue people have when they get a plot is tackling the weeds etc so people cover it with plastic and leave it! if you where to do as i have you could be growing straight away, all it costs is few quid for the wood, you can use scraps and pallets if your are on a budget, then all you need is composted manure!  once you have done the initial hard work of putting the manure in you are done, no back breaking digging every year, add more manure and the worms will do all the hard work for you, and because you are growing directly into composted manure your crops will be much stronger and sometimes much quicker, I had Beetroot ready to harvest in 5 weeks using this method.

have a look at my youtube channel to see just how good and easy it really is:

Happy growing

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