Keep growing

Well its October and I still have a full plot growing, my plot is split in to raised beds i have the following beds:

12 8ft x 5ft beds

6 8ft x 2ft beds

1 24ft x 2 ft bed

all this on a plot that is 42 ft by 14 ft.


So whats growing at the minute:

I have 2 beds of Beet root , a bed of sewed, bed of Turnips, bed of Spinach chard, bed and half of cabbage/Kale, bed of spinach, bed of lettuce, bed of chinese cabbage, small bed of french dwarf beans, and lots of spring onions planted in between these. I also have 8 tubs of charlotte spuds in for Christmas, 4 rows of carrots and load of Basil.

So as you can see I’ve still got a lot growing and this is al newly planted as I’ve already harvested:

First and second earlier, main crop spuds, turnips and swedes, pea’s and french beans and brand beans, red and white onions, Parsnips, salad crops, Spinach and Spinach chard and cabbages.

This may seem a lot for a normal allotment, but i just keep things going in , I grow nearly everything in modules then plant out, I believe it helps me plan things better and i don’t waste space carrots and spuds i usually do in tubs so i can keep those going in all the time.

Im of the thinking give it a go, if i plant something and it doesn’t work out, i don’t see it as a fail, its learning and its cost me pennies to learn it. Planted some late tomatoes this year and they have been the best yielding I’ve had all year so i will defo be doing the same next year.

Ive also learned that certain things grow well planted straight into modules like beetroot and spring onions and other things prefer to be pricked out and planted on in modules like gem lettuce, by learning this i have really up’d my success rate.

I also know that planting modules straight into composted manure helps my veg grow quickly, just gives it an extra boost. people have always dug manure into the ground to help the ground so why not just grow straight into it??  make sense doesn’t it..

Some photos to follow for the next blog, but do get planting still lots you can grow at this time of the year

Happy growing


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