New garden project

So i decided to have a revamp with the little veg plot in the garden at home, so after a good look through different designs and ideas, I have gone for a raised bed using framed pallets, I managed to get the pallets off  a chap on Facebook who was very helpful and turned up early one Saturday morning with 12 pallets for me, now they’re not cheap and they’re not small so it was a investment in getting them but in the long run they will last.pallet

First job was to get the old area cleaned and the veg lifted that was already in there, so carrots and parsnip soup was the order of the day, i then got busy staining the pallets with preserve, i was initial going to fill directly into the frame but then decided to get some 1 ton bags to place the soil into first so as to get some extra life out of the pallets, 10 1 ton bags for £20 of eBay.

Next job was to dig out the last veg patch and store the soil so the 1 ton bags all got 60 liters put in then my 30 ltr spud pots all got filled and slowly the process of shifting 3 ton of soil started to happen, I’ve decided to frame it with the old railway sleepers too so it looks nice from the back as well.

Id say I’m now 3 quarters of the way done and its looking pretty good, another afternoons work with some decent weather and ill have it finished hopefully, so once its done i will show you the finished veg patch..

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