Sunday sowing

So its the 2nd October and as most people are covering their plots I’m still planting out in mine, today I have planted my modules of Chinese cabbage and lettuce, I’ve also harvested  some Snowball turnips, Beetroot,tomatoes and lettuce, unfortunately it looks like my Christmas spuds have become casualties of the blight down the plot, but thankfully i have a few pots at home so we will still have potato salad on boxing day!!

Ive also had a good clear out of the tomatoes taking away all the plants with no fruits left on, i will put all the compost they where grown in on the plot, no point wasting good compost.

I’ve also done some weeding, all 30 seconds of it, No dig really does save you so much time with weeding, tomorrow i will be harvesting more beetroot and swiss chard.

Happy growing

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