Plot 28 update

I popped down plot 28 for half an hour today, thankfully i don’t have a lot of weeding to do as one of the great things about no dig is minimal weeds.

So the lettuce that i planted out in modules 10 days ago are ready to start taking leaves off, so we will have a crunchy salad with tea tonight, Little gem and winter destiny my favorite late Autumn lettuce, so easy to grow and never let me down.

The late Spinach that i planted is also producing some great leaves for us to harvest, I think I’ve had 4 picking of it now and its still going strong, so at Tesco prices I’ve had around £6 worth off 3 plants!

Snow ball turnips are looking good and another batch should be ready to pull up in a week or so, more Spring onions are ready and my Spinach chard is looking wonderfull.

Unfortunately the blight has destroyed 3 pots of my Xmas spuds, thankfully i have a few more pots at home, but thats always the chance you take with doing a late spud harvest.

Finally the Beetroot is ready for a second cropping out, I sow them in modules of 4-8 plants and they shoot up, then when i plant them in the compost and they fly along, give me a good size Beetroot in 5 weeks or so.

Hope you are all still growing and enjoying your own harvest

Happy growing

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