Sunday clear up

Well it’s time to start the clear up after the tomatoes, courgettes and everything else I’ve grown in pots this year. 

So I started with the tomatoes and chopped them for composting and all the compost got bagged ready for the plot same with courgette and beetroot pots, it was good to see the amount of worms in the pots you can’t beat good manure with just a dash of compost!

I’m finally starting to get a harvest from my chilies even if they are tiny but very potent.

Found some over wintering shallots in Wilkos, so I’ve put them in one of my new garden boxes(more to come on that)

The plot is looking great, afraid to say the xmas spuds have been taken out by blight so they’ve been dealt with and looks like it will be shop bought this year.

I’ve harvested beetroot, spring onions, spinach chard, swede and snowball turnips, plus the lettuce is still growing great

Not a lot to do this coming week as work is taking over, however a big harvest next Sunday

Happy growing

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