Sunday harvests

So after a week of working in London and having to do the daily commute at 0556 in the morning and back at 2000 hrs its been a bit fi a busy week, thankfully today I’ve had the chance to get down plot 28 with the family and spend an hour or so sorting and pulling some veg.

Today we harvested Swede, spring onions, snowball Turnips and Lettuce (which I’m extremely proud off) also pulled more Beetroot which I’m going to use to make crisps, so i may do a little write up on that too.

Once again there was no weeding to do thanks to the “No dig” method that i use to grow my veggies which is always a nice thing, It really does amaze me more people don’t use this method.

So I’m going to try some late Swedes this year, just to see of they work. I will be doing the in toilet rolls again and see how they turn up.

Happy growing

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