Bargain Wilko bulbs

Well I’m not really someone who goes into growing flowers to be honest, I may grow the odd marigold now and then but their more a offering to the bugs than something to look pretty, well until a trip to Wilko’s that is.

I popped into to grab some end of season bargains, anyone who hasn’t been to a Wilko’s and looked at their gardening section really should especially when their selling everything off, you can get all next years seeds for £2 yes it really is that cheap.

So as I’m busily filling my basket I come across the bulb section which I normally bypass very quickly but I just couldn’t  this time, they where so cheap I treated myself to some Crocus, hyacinth and ranunculus, now not being a huge flower person and the fact  my garden is pretty much sorted now, I didn’t  just want to randomly plant these bulbs all over the gaff, so rightly or wrongly I’ve potted them up in 4 inch pots and they will live in my green house until they start to show some life, they may save me a few quid when looking at bedding plants etc earlier next year, as always we will see, I could of just wasted £3.

So as  I filled the pots half full placed in the bulb and filled up, I then labelled and watered, to simple? We will find out

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