Winter Swede’s

So I know a lot of the die hards will be coughing and spluttering at this the mere fact that I’m going to even write this, but hey ho, if you don’t try you never know.

So late Swede’s will they work? I’m pretty sure they will even if I only get small ones it’s all good for the soup bowl

How I sow my Swede’s, I pretty much always does these the same way, I never have an issue with small tap roots as I’ve done Swede’s and turnips in modules before and had perfectly shaped Roots from them.

It’s very easy as is most of my gardening, I take a few of my saved toilet rolls and 3/4 fill the hem with compost

Then place 2 seeds in to each roll, I always use 2 seeds when doing late sowing just to give myself that extra chance.

Next and final step is easy, put them in a container and label and water!

I will keep the these in the green house until there around 1 cm tall and then put outside until there ready to plant out which should be around 8cm high.

Swede and turnip really are a great veggie to grow at any time of the year and so easy, they really do thrive in a no dig bed so get some growing and enjoy there great taste

Happy growing

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