Kitchen Garden re visited

So 3 months ago I bid a sad fair well to the walled kitchen garden, it was a sad day today o see it go but due to changes I couldn’t keep it on.

However after a good meeting with the head Gardner I have been asked to take the whole walled garden on again for the next season.

Now the this garden is amazing, a proper old school walled garden with history going back to the 1700, it has established, Plum, fig and numerous apple trees, a lovely large green house and potting shed, unfortunatly in the last 3 months they have been left  in a bit of a state so I have some cleaning up to do.

I will be doing this in my normal manner which is “No dig” I have asked if the farm manager can dump 20 tons of horse manure for me on the plot, all I’ve had to do is put 4 posts in for the area I want covering, which has saved me so many man hours it’s crazy.

My plans for the plot are pretty simple for the next year, I will be using it to grow my squashes, beans and peas and sweet corn and no doubt I will fit a lot more in but I want to take it nice and steady and enjoy the plot rather than work work work.

I look forward to showing you around this beautiful old walled garden and sharing my experiences with you all

Happy growing

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