Scratch that itch…

Well if you are anything like me you will be dying to start planting and sowing things again, well go and do it! 

I’m all about giving it a go and seeing if I can get things to grow that  little bit earlier of keep things going just a bit longer than everyone else, Currrently on Plot 28 I have the following growing;

Beetroot – been a great year for beet so much to harvest and I’m going to try another sowing in the next few days.

Spinach chard – I had this growing since March time and have done 4 different sowing to keep it fresh and aim off for the ones that bolt.

Spring onions – had a great season but I’ve lost out on my last sowing as they just haven’t got above 6 inch high and started to rot so out they came.

Swede – had a great harvest and the Mrs keeps the squash and swede soup coming, still have 8 in the ground to keep us going

Carrots – I only have 1 tub of carrots left now, so 3 meals worth, I did sow some 8 weeks ago but I’m not holding out hope for those but you never now.

Spring cabbage – these are doing really well and growing at a steady rate now

Lettuce – I still have Gem and Winter destiny in the ground and the scaffold netting is saving them from the frost so far

Overwinter onions and garlic – these are now in the ground and we will see how they go 
So what do I have in the green house at home;

Loads of flowers in pots of (deal at Wilko’s) 

90 onion sets

Lavender plants

Cut down and fleeced chilli plants
In the kitchen I have growing;

2 trays of chills – I’m trying for an early crop, 3 seeds of each type so only 15 seeds wasted if they don’t work out

1 tray of sweet peppers – once again going for an early crop, 10 seeds in so no great loss

So as you can see I’m all about looking forward and trying to keep growing and keeping busy, I’m shifting lots of manure to Plot 28 to keep the soil healthy and keep those worms moving.

I’ve also had failure this year  including;

Kale – my nemesis 

French beans – tried a late crop and never got above 2 ft tall

Spring onions – just didn’t mature

Spring cabbage – catapilar hell, 20 of the got battered

So as you can see I win some and loose some but surely that’s what it’s all about?

Happy growing

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