Early onions, Zebrune Shallot

Whilst most people are planting there over wintering onion sets, I’ve decided to give me seed onions a early start.

Sticking with the good old Zebrune shallot seeds from Premier seeds direct, I use these guys for a lot of my  seeds now, they are very good and the seeds come well packed and quickly through the post.

So these could not be easier to sow, simply get your modules, I use the 20 module trays from Oaklands, just the right size to fit 2 in a tray and the are much more robust than the Wilko/B&Q one planting then break.

So fill the modules with your chosen compost, which ever you have about or you feel confident with, I’m currently using some half decent stuff from a local garden centre, once filled give it a bang to level out and fill any modules that are a bit low, then make a small depression about the depth of your finger nail, once again no science here, then just a light covering of compost just to cover and finish with a light  dampening, you don’t want  to soak it just dampen it as I’m always worried about the compost freezing, daft I know but it’s worked for me.

Once you’ve done that put in a label and your all sorted, I keep mine in my greenhouse it isn’t heated in anyway, but I will probably place in a fleece box if the weather is going to really get awful.

So get yourself some seeds and give it a go

Happy growing

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