Keeping going through Winter

Well that’s is Christmas is over for another year and the hard slog starts all over again, time to burn off those extra calories and what  better way than pottering down the plot.

I’m pretty lucky with Plot 28, it’s not a huge plot to start with and since I’ve decided to go No dig it’s got even easier, hardly any weeds to deal with and minimal winter prep either apart from topping up the beds with some well rotted manure and last seasons compost, couldn’t be easier really.

So what do I do during these bleak colder days? I go and take the dying and dead leaves of my swede and cabbage, have a general tidy up and just tinker, I’ve all ready planned where I’m going to plant everything this coming year so no need to worry about that, I’ve also gone heavy on the over wintering plants this year planting garlic and onion both at Plot 28 and at home, this just keeps me coming down to have a check and see how things are going.

I have loads of pots of well rotted manure, no idea why but I was told I could take as much as I wanted so I did, most of them are now earmarked for a friends new plot once she works down the waiting list is 7 bags went to the next door plot holder to help her out and I’m sure I will find a home for the rest.

At home the green house is bursting at the rafters with things growing, I’ve got all my shallots about 180 all in modules from seed around 100 other onions and 80 onion sets in modules too, I’ve gone onion crazy. I’m also trying some very early beetroot see if I can grow it in the green house  

We also have some Chickens coming soon but they are on hold until DEFRA says it’s ok to start moving things again.

I hope you are all keeping active and keep enjoying your gardening 

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