Spring has sprung

Well its all go down the veggie plots at the moment.

Plot 28 is starting to take shape, with lots already planted, so far i have overwintering Onions and Garlic, beetroot, shallots, cauliflower, kale, Calabrese,French beans and onion, unfortunately I think i was a bit to soon putting my swede out and think the frost got them, but I live in hope. I also have a load of zebrunne onions to go out and 3 trays of other onions I’ve tried from seed.

Down the walled garden has been very different, I’ve gone totally no dig so I’ve been shifting tons and tons (around 20) of muck to make one huge bed, but finally I will be planting this week, I’m mostly using the walled garden for my sweetcorn and squashes this year as i need time to get it all sorted and exactly as i want it, I have 16 types of squash to try this year, I’m looking for the one that tastes and stores the best.

The veggie patch in the garden is doing great, so much going on and with the arrival of my pollytunnel its really taken off, I’m already using the spinach and my lettuce are flying along.

I’m really starting to get the hand of the successional sowing now, even if I did start sowing far to early this year, but I’ve only lost a few plugs so far so thumbs up for that.

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